The Sweetest Year

My son makes every day sweeter! (poop explosions excluded)

Le pain perdu

Good morning! There’s snow on the ground today. Breakfast needed to be warm.

French toasts it is! I had a little helper by my side.

A mix of eggs, milk, dash of vanilla and salt. I sparkle flax seed on the one side before flipping them over for extra omega 3s.


The helper needed attention so the yogurt had time to melt before the photoshoot. Sourire


Peanut butter, applesauce, maple syrup, vanilla yogurt. I cooked the egg mixture leftover in the pan as an omelet not to waste it. Tasted good!

We’re off to the pool this morning for a weekly baby class. See you *Splash* later!


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We’re clapping!

We had a great day. It started with a full night of sleep with only one feeding at 1AM. We had breakfast (Oatmeal for mommy, cereal for baby). He ate only a few spoons then didn’t want anymore.


This is something I have to get used to. Throwing away foods. I grew up in a household where we finished our plates. Not because we didn’t want to and wanted to have dessert, but because we’re big eaters. We get second servings. We always have tons of food on the table.

When I heat up a portion of carrots or use precious breast milk (or expensive formula) to prepare cereal for him, it seems like such a waste to throw in all down the drain when he refuses to eat. Sometimes I try to keep the food in the fridge for an hour or two, maybe he’ll eat it later on? But he never does so it goes in the trash. I try to heat up as little a portion as I can to avoid throwing away too much.

After breakfast, we played together and used our controversial walker to cruise around the house.


I don’t have any stairs in my house, all doors are closed using child-proofing handles and I always keep an eye on him, so I don’t think it is unsafe for him to play with it. He loved getting around the house and trying to reach for the toys on the chairs!

Then it was nap time and mommy ran everywhere to clean, shower, start laundry and start a batch of steamed carrots.


My make-do steamer:


Ikea pasta drainer on top of a medium sized pot with water.


I used it’d say 4 large carrots for this, it made almost two ice cube trays of baby food. So much cheaper than what you can buy at the store!


Tomorrow, I’ll transfer all the frozen cubes to ziploc bags and hop! in the freezer. This is over a month of veggie for the baby (as he doesn’t eat carrots every single day… lol!) They’re so easy, just pop a cube in the microwave and defrost for 1 min or heat up for 20 seconds. Ready! Frozen cubes can stay up to 3 months in the freezer!

Lunch was last night (yummy) leftovers + frozen chic peas I heated up.


I thought of a fun activity to do on this rainy day; the library!

They have a cozy spot for children, with comfy chairs, bean bags and fun carpets. Baby LOVED it. The big windows! The colorful chairs! The little girl reading a book! The paintings on the wall! He was ‘talking’ a bit too loud and chewing the books I was trying to read to him, so we didn’t stay long, but we’ll be back for sure. If we go a few times, I’m sure the over-the-top excited feeling will come down a bit and we’ll be able to read a few books together. Sourire

We came home, he slept for 45 minutes, we played some more then it was time to eat again, take a bath and go night-night.

I didn’t want to dirty any more dishes so I made this version of KERF’s SIAB.


It looks very weird, but believe me,  I couldn’t taste the greens at all. The crackers on top are Casabi organics cinnamon crackers. I didn’t want to use salty crackers because this smoothie is sweet, so those sweet ones were a fun crunchy toppings.

I’m gonna leave you with a cute video tonight. I was able to make a video of the baby clapping his hands! He started doing it this week, but this was the first time I was able to capture it on film.

I’m off to paint to create a headboard for my bedroom. I want to paint a tree on 3 canvas then separate them on the wall. A bit like this:

Have a great evening!

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Preapproved backyard

First things first, my baby woke only ONCE last night! I put him to bed at 6. He cried to eat at 1AM, then again at… 7! Can I go run a marathon? I feel like I could with all this extra energy! Clignement d'œil

Breakfast was sublime, my last pancake with maple syrup, a banana, bit of applesauce and cottage cheese. Even though I poured maybe a table spoon of maple syrup in my bowl, the bottom half of the pancake was soaked in syrup and it was divine!


I swear there’s a small pancake under there!

I went to the bank to check for a mortgage and they pre-approved me!!!!! (Excuse the “!”, but it deserves a few extras!) I’m renting right now and was not ready to buy before I had the baby. Many reasons, but one of them was that I didn’t feel I had enough for a down payment. Turns out I do! However, I’ll wait until I go back to work in November of this year to buy a house because I only have 55% of my salary right now being on maternity leave. I think it’s the responsible thing to do. But OMG YOU GUYS! Buying in a few months? Such a dream come true! Plus, those extra few months will allowed for even more savings to help with all the upfront costs. Double Yeah!

Baby was a champ at the bank. I had his stroller next to me and he played with a toy I brought. He started to get a tiny bit fuzzy 15 minutes in, so I sat him on my lap. Worked like a charm. I think he was trying to charm the bank employee because he knows there could be a backyard in his future. Sourire

Post-bank lunch was great. Onions, tofu, mushrooms and romaine lettuce n the pan, a grilled cheese and an egg.


Baby had a tablespoon a carrots.


When I say ‘had’, I mean saying no to it with his lips closed. Oh well, he had a big dinner so that’s ok!

Oh, I just found baby like this.


I guess it’s time for breakfast! Have a good day everyone!

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Surprise pancakes

7AM wake up call was a screaming baby in the next room. Tired, so tired. He woke up every 4 hours last night, pretty standard, but I have been having a bit of a cold for the last few days. Runny nose, sore throat. I have less energy than my healthy self usually has. I should feel better soon.

Happy surprise this morning, I had pancakes leftovers from Sunday in this fridge so I just heated them up a minute in the microwave and voilà. Instant breakfast.


Banana, peanut butter, maple syrup with sides of vanilla yogurt and cottage cheese. It was great.

Off to take a shower to help boost the energy level and hopefully tackle taxes report today during naps. Have a great day! Soleil

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The couponing rush

Pharmaprix (Shopper’s Drug Mart in Quebec) had a great promotion this weekend. Buy for 75$ and get a 20$ Petro Canada gift card! I looked at their flyer and they had a great deal on diapers and on toilet paper so I knew I could bring my total to 75$ and get the gift card. Here’s what I bought:


2 X Royale toilet paper @4.99$ (Reg. 8.99$) – 1$ coupon  = 7.98$
1 X Pamper jumbo pack diapers @9.99$ (Reg. 14.99$) – 1$ coupon  = 8.99$ /14.99$
2 X Pamper jumbo pack diapers @9.99$ (Reg. 14.99$) – 2$ coupon  = 15.98$ /29.98$
1 X Pamper jumbo pack diapers @9.99$ (Reg. 14.99$) – 3$ coupon  = 6.99$ /14.99$
4 X Sidekicks @1.25$ (Reg. 1.49$) – B3G1F 1.49$ coupon  = 3.51$ /5.96$
2 X Eggs @2.29 (Reg. 3.09$) – WUB2 1$ coupon  = 3.58$ /6.18$
2 X Cavendish fries @2.50$ (Reg. 2.99$) – 1$ coupon  = 4$ /5.98$
2 X Running spikes @9.99$ (Reg. 19.99$) (Not pictured)= 19.98$ /39.98$

Total value of products = 136.04$
Total paid (70.01$ + tx) = 76.27$
Optimum points = 830
Plus, a free 20$ gas gift card!

I had such a rush at checkout. The cashier was so nice, they even open another checkout so that I would not keep people waiting. I just love shopping at Pharmaprix! They have such great deals!

I use cloth diapers, but disposables are easier when we’re on the go and are also better for nighttime. I get leaks at night if I don’t change him every 4-5 hours. Those Pampers Extra Protection diapers will get handy will certainly help. A pack has 30 and I got two, so that’s two months with no night leaks! Yeah for that.

One of the pair of spikes is for my sister. She lost hers and I didn’t have any so that’s why I bought two. Winter is pretty much over by now, but they’ll be great come next winter. Running on ice/snow is asking for trouble, we feel much safier with these on. If you’re a runner, you should give them a try!

To celebrate, I buy myself a 0,33$ can of Coke at Dollorama on my way out. Clignement d'œil

If you want to get starting on coupons, go visit Mrs January. She’s the queen of couponing in Canada!

Did you score great deals this week? Do you use coupons? Team cloth diapers or disposables?

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5 months old

I’m 5 months old now.

I smile at mommy when she changes my diaper. I love my lion on the wall!


I can grab things easily now. Can I drive your car now mommy?


We had lots of fun at my aunt Vicky’s birthday party. I wore a birthday hat to be in party mood!


We celebrate Halloween at the beginning of the month. Lots of kids came knocking on our doors with crazy costumes! It was a lot of fun! Next year, I hope mommy let me eat some candies.



I’ve started to laugh out loud at all the funny things mommy and daddy do. It makes them laugh out loud with me too!IMG_5464

My hair is very curly and getting very long now! Mommy said she wants to cut it because she has a hard time combing it at bath time.IMG_5536

I’m a very good sleeper now! I can fall asleep by myself for naps and even during the night. Sometimes at night, I sleep for 5 or 6 hours straight without asking for my mommy!


Later in the month, we decorated our Christmas tree! Mommy put on a Christmas movie and she put ornaments in the tree. I looked at it all and thought it was very pretty!


I saw snow for the first time, but I think it is too bright!


I walked with mommy in this new thing called Baby Bjorn. When I was a little baby, I didn’t like being in it, but now that I can face the other way, I think it is very cool!


Woo! A lot of snow felt that day and mommy and I went outside to see it all.


I like touching my feet all the time and I can turn on the side.


I saw Santa Claus! I didn’t cry and even touched his beard! He gave me a seal as a gift! He’s such a nice man. He told me I was on the nice list and will get another gift on Christmas. I can’t wait!


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How I dress my baby on cold runs

A post about a brownie recipe needs to be followed by a post about a run. Especially when you have no self control like me and end up eating about 3/4 of the pan.

That’s 3000 calories you guys. I added it up this morning. To burn that much calories running, I’d need to run a MARATHON.

Still full from my evening of brownie fiesta, I got myself and the baby properly dressed to go on a cold morning jog. It was in the 20s outside. Many minutes later, we were out of the door.


It was a beautiful morning, but it was COLD. It took me a good 10 minute of jogging before feeling confortable.

Baby was happily sleeping in his car seat.


His hat kept covering his eyes, poor baby. But he ended up liking it, it helped him sleep, so I left it like that.

This is me trying to take pictures with my frozen camera. The lens is foggy from the low temperature.




A good 40 minutes later (and about 350 calories, only a tenth of the brownies.. *sight*), I headed home and began to undress the baby. I thought, hey! I should take pictures to show all the layers he had on.


Winter hat, a bigger blanket, a smaller one in cotton (in case I need to clean the baby’s mouth in a hurry) and his soft snowsuit.

There he is with no blankets on to show the snowsuit.


Oh, he wake up while I took the suit off. You can tell he just opened his eyes, he looks sleepy!

Mittens, cardigan, sweatpants, winter boots. The zipper of the cardigan opened, lol. I guess his little tummy is getting bigger! Oh and yes I know nothing match, but it’s all about fighting the Canadian temps!


Cotton pyjamas with baby gap thick wool socks.


He’s always trying to take his socks off. Clignement d'œil

At that point, I could feel that humidity had formed on the socks making his feet a tiny bit cold. His hands were warm, his face too. So I guess I put a little too much on his feet, they got hot and sweated. I think it might be because the socks were thigh on his feet? I’ll try to find looser socks for our next outing. I’ll also check if they make his boots too small because that could also cause the problem.

Other than that, baby had a great ride outside and mommy could enjoyed her morning jog. I’ll keep the outing less than 45 minutes in the winter. I wouldn’t want him to get cold 5 km away from the house.

Do you have any special gadget to keep the baby warm outside? Any tricks? Thanks!

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Halloween Leftovers Brownies

What to do with those mini chocolate bars that will make them taste a thousand times better? Brownies!

(Adapted from Ricardo’s)

140 g of mini chocolate bars (I used 13 Toblerone mini bars)
3/4 cup of butter or margarine
2 eggs
2 cups of brown sugar (loosely packed)
1/2 cup of flour

Preheat 350F. Put parchment paper at the bottom of a squared pan (8 inches).
Melt the chocolate with the butter (or margarine) over a pot of boiling water. Once melted, set aside.IMG_5484
In another bowl, whisk the eggs with the brown sugar. When there are no more lumps, add the melted chocolate, then the flour and whisk away.
Pour in your squared pan and cook for about 30 minutes or until a fork inserted in the center comes out with a few crumbles.
Let it cool down for 2 hours (or only 30 minutes if you can’t wait like me) and cut in squares.


It is yummy, gooey, real heaven in a pan. IMG_5499


City framed

I’ve been trying to decorate my apartment to make it feel more homey and less I’ve-just-moved-in. I went through my frames box and came across prints I bought on my last trip to New York City.

I love NYC. I’ve been many times, but each visit is still vibrant, intoxicating, magic! If I could go every year I would. I can’t wait to show my baby the city, walk in the parks, play in the fountains, see all the lights, even see a play! I’m sure he’ll love it as much as I do. But that’ll have to wait until he’s a bit older. When he’s..3? 4?


I wanted to have a corner to represent my favorite city. It makes me smile every time I pass by it. It’s on the way to my bedroom.

The first frame on the left is a print I bought from a street vendor. It’s NY under the rain. It reminds me of all the time you get off the subway and realize there’s torrential rain outside. Running on the sidewalks, flip flops in puddles, smiling at strangers, the umbrellas dance to avoid umbrellas collisions.


I cut into a tourist map I got on my last trip. I choose this neighborhood because I did a little improvised Sex and the City tour (Carrie’s apartment, Magnolia Bakery) and it was the favorite part of my trip. New Yorkers, Farmer’s market, Courtney Cox and ex-hubby sighting (while they were still together), Outdoor bookstores, Calm streets, Brownstones.


I bought this in Washington DC I think, but every woman needs a little encouragement from time to time. It’s a Second World War poster asking women to work in factories. I love the pop of color it brings to the ensemble.


Another print I bought from a street vendor. It’s the first and only Broadway I’ve ever been to. Loved, loved, loved every minute of it. The performers were amazing, the live music, the décor, the singing, everything was perfect.  I can’t wait to go to another Broadway show, I’m hooked! (I stood in line that same morning to get my ticket. I paid $70 for an orchestra ticket, not too shabby!)


I’m thinking of hanging a blackboard on the opposite wall next to my fridge to balanced it out a bit more. I’ll keep you posted!

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Happy Halloween!


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