The Sweetest Year

My son makes every day sweeter! (poop explosions excluded)

Post-illness energy boost!

After he woke up from his nap, oh boy, he had TONS of energy! He rolled around, screamed, ‘talked’, sang, played by himself a lot! Long enough that I went from time to time to play with him and tell him how good of a boy he was.


I had this disaster area in my room with boxes from the move (that’s 8 months ago..), still full of stuff that needed to be sort through. I tackle half of the pile yesterday afternoon (as evidenced by the pile of boxes to be recycled by the door) and found this paper tube. I gave it to the baby and oh boy! What fun he had!


I had to make sure he didn’t put it in his mouth because with teeth now, I feared some bits could end up in his throat. It was light enough so he could swirl it around. It was fun to watch him be a little ninja! Ninja

He also reached a new milestone yesterday! He walked straight to me using his walker! You could tell how proud he was at the end of the video, it’s so cute!

Damien walking straight forward for the first time!

It’s such a joy to see him do new things everyday. The little baby is not so little anymore!

Last night for dinner, I couldn’t resist McDonald’s drive through since it’s a new month and I just got pocket money again. Clignement d'œil 


Apple juice with the new McBistro sandwich. The sandwich was alright, it’s McDo after all, but dinner was a breeze to clean!

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Forget the gift, give me the box!

We have a very demanding baby on our hands this morning. He can’t play by himself at all. He still cough and has a running nose. But I can tell it’s getting better (*crossed fingers*).

Breakfast this morning was a repeat from yesterday; Corn Flakes bowls with raspberries, maple syrup and Notea spoonful of sugarNote peanut butter! We have a swim lesson at 11 today. I’ll wait and see how we feel then to see if we go or not. But if I decide we go, I’ll make sure to keep him warm all the time, don’t worry!

My sweet sister dropped a gift for us on our doorstep yesterday while we were at the library. A bin of all kind of baby stuff (including the awesome Vicks ointment for babies) to help our little sick baby fell better. Thank you! I’ve got such a kind and thoughtful family! Coeur rouge

What Damien likes the most is the lid of the bin that contained the gifts… Kids!


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Calm mommy = calm baby

We woke up after a very good night of sleep! Damien slept from 6PM until 4AM! Then again until 7AM! His nose was cleared and he didn’t have a fever! He was still coughing though but his health really improved from all the symptoms he had in the last few days.

He even ate a big breakfast of baby cereal. Mommy ate this quick Corn Flakes bowl (hiding raspberries under there + spoon of peanut butter + drizzle of maple syrup).


We played a bit, he seemed fine, but then around 9AM he started crying. I went to play with him, he still cried. I picked him up, tried to breastfeed him, he refused and cried even more. I paced around the room with him for a few minutes but I could tell that didn’t work either. He was moving a lot in my arms, I could tell he was in pain. I tried putting him in a bath, bath always works. But it didn’t work this time, he still cried.

My baby rarely cries like that. I was very scared. What was even more scary was that his crying made him cough and his coughing made his choked on mucus. After choking he cried because it hurt.. and so on. I was like, he’s been sick for almost a week now, this is it we’re going to the clinic! I was trying to talk calmly to him but I was so scared I was shacking! I quickly put a bag together and we were out of the door.

On the way to the clinic, he calmed down and felt asleep in his car seat.  That’s when I realized maybe it was just because he was ready for a nap, but having been sick for a week took a toll, and his way of telling me ‘nap time now mommy’ was different than usual. We went to the clinic anyway because I was afraid something was wrong with his ears or his breathing.

Once at the clinic, we realized that at 9:30, all spots for patients with no-appointments had been filled already. I almost choked up right there. There’s nothing worst than not being able to give proper care to your baby. We went back home and he went straight back to sleep.


A friend of mine that is a nurse saw my plead on facebook and gave me things to check on the baby to make sure he didn’t have problems breathing. She reassured me and it helped me calm down and breathe a little better.

– Check for Indrawing of chest : depending on the severity of the breathing problem, I’d be able to see little holes between the ribs and under the sternum when the baby is not crying. If the problem is even more severe, I’d be able to see movement in the nostrils with each breath. I remember seeing it between his last two ribs on both sides last night, but that morning he didn’t have any. Good.

– A lot of coughing in an infant will caused vomiting / choking. She says this is normal and as long as the infant can cough it out, not to worry. Ok good to know it might happened.

– When mom panics, the baby can feel it and he’s even more scared. Try to stay calm and reassure him.  Breathe, breathe.

– Even if he doesn’t have a fever, but you feel like he’s not himself and cries more than usual, you can give him Tylenol/Tempra for babies. It’ll help with his discomfort. I stopped giving him when his temp was normal but it’s true that his throat might hurt and he might need help with that.

She really reassured me and I felt so much before. I think mommy was as scared as baby. He woke up an hour later and he was in a good mood. Around noon, he started crying again and doing the same thing. This time, I laid in my bed with him and was able to breastfeed. He calmed down and smiled after eating. A calm mommy is the key.

We went to the library in the afternoon to take a break from all the scary sickness and he loved it. A change of scenery is something we both needed! We came back home and had a nice play time before dinner. He ate all his carrots and some applesauce, then we took a fun bath, played in font of the mirror and went to bed without any fuss.


Having a sick baby is the worst thing for a mommy. I feel for all the parents with children in hospitals right now. I’m very thankful for my healthy baby! What a day!

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We’re sick

We’ve been sick for the last few days. It started last week for me and Thursday for the baby. Despite all my efforts, I probably passed it to him. Triste


He started coughing Thursday, it continued Friday. Saturday, we were at my parent’s and his nose started running. He actually coughed mucus few times in the afternoon. His airways were blocked by all the mucus for 2-3 seconds and then he vomited it. Awful.

I thought it was just a flu since he didn’t have a fever. It continued Sunday with more coughing and vomiting. Monday morning, I checked his temp and sadly, he had developed a fever. A light fever, 100F. This morning the fever was gone (Yeah!). I checked his temp every hour or so and at 1PM, the fever was back (101F).

What bothers me the most is the fever and whistle sound I can hear when he breathes. I’m afraid this flu turned into something more serious. If he still has a fever tomorrow morning, we’ll go to the clinic.

Trying to clean his nose is really really horrible. He hates every minute of it. I used HydraSense drops (they’re great!) and then a nose cleaner. He fights with me and cries. It breaks my heart.

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Beige and blue

Breakfast this morning was a milk+peaches smoothie topped with a Shredded Wheat biscuit. It was fun to sink the big chucks of biscuit in the smoothie.Sourire


I also cooked and pureed some peaches for the baby, but he only ate half a spoon. I’ll freeze the rest I guess!

Baby ventured near the windows for the first time this morning. Little hands went straight for the stores, trying to grab them and the dangerous cords. My stores need to be open at all time from now on!  Safety comes first! IMG_6504

Baby gave me a huge 2 hour nap this morning and I had time to tackle many projects!

I hung the three (tree!) canvases I’ve been painting for the last few days. I think it looks pretty good! I’m not much of a crafty/artistic person, but I’m very proud of my little painting attempt! I changed the photo in the frame on the right from a pink flower to a memorabilia from a NYC trip. I like that it has the same blue as the painting!


AND I reupholstered the lamp! I have gorgeous fabric a friend of mine brought back from a trip to Egypt and I thought the colors matched perfectly. So I cut a strip and covered the lamp shade, going crazy with my glue gun. Clignement d'œil

The rocks in the small bowl are from a beach in Toronto! The duvet cover is from Walmart.  I’d still like to spray paint the lamp, but that’s for another nap time!

I really like the change. I think it looks pretty cool, what do you think?

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We’re clapping!

We had a great day. It started with a full night of sleep with only one feeding at 1AM. We had breakfast (Oatmeal for mommy, cereal for baby). He ate only a few spoons then didn’t want anymore.


This is something I have to get used to. Throwing away foods. I grew up in a household where we finished our plates. Not because we didn’t want to and wanted to have dessert, but because we’re big eaters. We get second servings. We always have tons of food on the table.

When I heat up a portion of carrots or use precious breast milk (or expensive formula) to prepare cereal for him, it seems like such a waste to throw in all down the drain when he refuses to eat. Sometimes I try to keep the food in the fridge for an hour or two, maybe he’ll eat it later on? But he never does so it goes in the trash. I try to heat up as little a portion as I can to avoid throwing away too much.

After breakfast, we played together and used our controversial walker to cruise around the house.


I don’t have any stairs in my house, all doors are closed using child-proofing handles and I always keep an eye on him, so I don’t think it is unsafe for him to play with it. He loved getting around the house and trying to reach for the toys on the chairs!

Then it was nap time and mommy ran everywhere to clean, shower, start laundry and start a batch of steamed carrots.


My make-do steamer:


Ikea pasta drainer on top of a medium sized pot with water.


I used it’d say 4 large carrots for this, it made almost two ice cube trays of baby food. So much cheaper than what you can buy at the store!


Tomorrow, I’ll transfer all the frozen cubes to ziploc bags and hop! in the freezer. This is over a month of veggie for the baby (as he doesn’t eat carrots every single day… lol!) They’re so easy, just pop a cube in the microwave and defrost for 1 min or heat up for 20 seconds. Ready! Frozen cubes can stay up to 3 months in the freezer!

Lunch was last night (yummy) leftovers + frozen chic peas I heated up.


I thought of a fun activity to do on this rainy day; the library!

They have a cozy spot for children, with comfy chairs, bean bags and fun carpets. Baby LOVED it. The big windows! The colorful chairs! The little girl reading a book! The paintings on the wall! He was ‘talking’ a bit too loud and chewing the books I was trying to read to him, so we didn’t stay long, but we’ll be back for sure. If we go a few times, I’m sure the over-the-top excited feeling will come down a bit and we’ll be able to read a few books together. Sourire

We came home, he slept for 45 minutes, we played some more then it was time to eat again, take a bath and go night-night.

I didn’t want to dirty any more dishes so I made this version of KERF’s SIAB.


It looks very weird, but believe me,  I couldn’t taste the greens at all. The crackers on top are Casabi organics cinnamon crackers. I didn’t want to use salty crackers because this smoothie is sweet, so those sweet ones were a fun crunchy toppings.

I’m gonna leave you with a cute video tonight. I was able to make a video of the baby clapping his hands! He started doing it this week, but this was the first time I was able to capture it on film.

I’m off to paint to create a headboard for my bedroom. I want to paint a tree on 3 canvas then separate them on the wall. A bit like this:

Have a great evening!

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Surprise pancakes

7AM wake up call was a screaming baby in the next room. Tired, so tired. He woke up every 4 hours last night, pretty standard, but I have been having a bit of a cold for the last few days. Runny nose, sore throat. I have less energy than my healthy self usually has. I should feel better soon.

Happy surprise this morning, I had pancakes leftovers from Sunday in this fridge so I just heated them up a minute in the microwave and voilà. Instant breakfast.


Banana, peanut butter, maple syrup with sides of vanilla yogurt and cottage cheese. It was great.

Off to take a shower to help boost the energy level and hopefully tackle taxes report today during naps. Have a great day! Soleil

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City framed

I’ve been trying to decorate my apartment to make it feel more homey and less I’ve-just-moved-in. I went through my frames box and came across prints I bought on my last trip to New York City.

I love NYC. I’ve been many times, but each visit is still vibrant, intoxicating, magic! If I could go every year I would. I can’t wait to show my baby the city, walk in the parks, play in the fountains, see all the lights, even see a play! I’m sure he’ll love it as much as I do. But that’ll have to wait until he’s a bit older. When he’s..3? 4?


I wanted to have a corner to represent my favorite city. It makes me smile every time I pass by it. It’s on the way to my bedroom.

The first frame on the left is a print I bought from a street vendor. It’s NY under the rain. It reminds me of all the time you get off the subway and realize there’s torrential rain outside. Running on the sidewalks, flip flops in puddles, smiling at strangers, the umbrellas dance to avoid umbrellas collisions.


I cut into a tourist map I got on my last trip. I choose this neighborhood because I did a little improvised Sex and the City tour (Carrie’s apartment, Magnolia Bakery) and it was the favorite part of my trip. New Yorkers, Farmer’s market, Courtney Cox and ex-hubby sighting (while they were still together), Outdoor bookstores, Calm streets, Brownstones.


I bought this in Washington DC I think, but every woman needs a little encouragement from time to time. It’s a Second World War poster asking women to work in factories. I love the pop of color it brings to the ensemble.


Another print I bought from a street vendor. It’s the first and only Broadway I’ve ever been to. Loved, loved, loved every minute of it. The performers were amazing, the live music, the décor, the singing, everything was perfect.  I can’t wait to go to another Broadway show, I’m hooked! (I stood in line that same morning to get my ticket. I paid $70 for an orchestra ticket, not too shabby!)


I’m thinking of hanging a blackboard on the opposite wall next to my fridge to balanced it out a bit more. I’ll keep you posted!

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