The Sweetest Year

My son makes every day sweeter! (poop explosions excluded)

Mystery box unveiling

I’ve opened it!

The box that has been sitting in a corner of my bedroom since the day I moved in July! And before that, it had been stored in my parents basement since the day I moved back to my hometown from Montreal. In 2008.

That’s almost 4 years ago guys. Now that is what we call professional procrastination.

In my defense, it was hidden under other crap knit knacks in the parents cedar closet so I couldn’t see it and unpack it. In the back of my mind, I knew I had a box with food somewhere, but couldn’t find it so I thought maybe I’ve already unpacked it. Like in my sleep or something.

But then it reappeared. My mother cleaned the basement closet and called me one day saying she found one more box with my name on it. Along side with the big word “FOOD” in black marker. Gulp.

It got in my apartment, but with each day passing I thought, it has been left unopened for 4 years, what is one more day.

This morning I woke up and had the sudden urge to open this box right this minute. You can blame the 4 hours of sleep, or the enormous coffee (don’t worry internet, I started drinking after breastfeeding the baby this morning and it will be my only cup today). This woman was on a mission to get it over with.


Ready to be opened. Will something jump out of it? Something is ALIVE in there?! It was scary looking my friends.


Hey, look at that. A opened box of flour! I pack really well.

Oh, that flour is all over my kitchen now. SWEET.

On the bright side, nothing jumped out of the box. That’s a relief.


There they are! My soup bowls! I’ve been eating out of small little bowls for the past few months. A Christmas mug! Coffee cups! That’s why I only had like 2 cups, they were all hidden here.

Also in box:

Too much Jell-O.

Opened bags of:
– Pasta
– Icing sugar
– Muffin mix
– Coconut-y Marshmallows (Do they make those anymore? This might be like an artifact! I could sell it on eBay, makes tons of money!)
– Popcorn

Box of food coloring. Do you think I could salvage that? The company says it has a life of 48 months. It could still be good, but let’s not risk getting sick for $3.99, do we.

A packet of Gelatine. There’s no date or batch number on it. Odd. Maybe it can live FOREVER.

Bottle of vitamin C. Probably out of vitamins by now. The vitamins are out to college they’re so old.

I hate throwing food away, but I think it’s safe to say none of this can be close to anyone’s mouth.

Well, maybe I could get some use out of this Jell-O.

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