The Sweetest Year

My son makes every day sweeter! (poop explosions excluded)

Forget the gift, give me the box!

on March 1, 2012

We have a very demanding baby on our hands this morning. He can’t play by himself at all. He still cough and has a running nose. But I can tell it’s getting better (*crossed fingers*).

Breakfast this morning was a repeat from yesterday; Corn Flakes bowls with raspberries, maple syrup and Notea spoonful of sugarNote peanut butter! We have a swim lesson at 11 today. I’ll wait and see how we feel then to see if we go or not. But if I decide we go, I’ll make sure to keep him warm all the time, don’t worry!

My sweet sister dropped a gift for us on our doorstep yesterday while we were at the library. A bin of all kind of baby stuff (including the awesome Vicks ointment for babies) to help our little sick baby fell better. Thank you! I’ve got such a kind and thoughtful family! Coeur rouge

What Damien likes the most is the lid of the bin that contained the gifts… Kids!



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