The Sweetest Year

My son makes every day sweeter! (poop explosions excluded)

Post-illness energy boost!

After he woke up from his nap, oh boy, he had TONS of energy! He rolled around, screamed, ‘talked’, sang, played by himself a lot! Long enough that I went from time to time to play with him and tell him how good of a boy he was.


I had this disaster area in my room with boxes from the move (that’s 8 months ago..), still full of stuff that needed to be sort through. I tackle half of the pile yesterday afternoon (as evidenced by the pile of boxes to be recycled by the door) and found this paper tube. I gave it to the baby and oh boy! What fun he had!


I had to make sure he didn’t put it in his mouth because with teeth now, I feared some bits could end up in his throat. It was light enough so he could swirl it around. It was fun to watch him be a little ninja! Ninja

He also reached a new milestone yesterday! He walked straight to me using his walker! You could tell how proud he was at the end of the video, it’s so cute!

Damien walking straight forward for the first time!

It’s such a joy to see him do new things everyday. The little baby is not so little anymore!

Last night for dinner, I couldn’t resist McDonald’s drive through since it’s a new month and I just got pocket money again. Clignement d'œil 


Apple juice with the new McBistro sandwich. The sandwich was alright, it’s McDo after all, but dinner was a breeze to clean!

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Forget the gift, give me the box!

We have a very demanding baby on our hands this morning. He can’t play by himself at all. He still cough and has a running nose. But I can tell it’s getting better (*crossed fingers*).

Breakfast this morning was a repeat from yesterday; Corn Flakes bowls with raspberries, maple syrup and Notea spoonful of sugarNote peanut butter! We have a swim lesson at 11 today. I’ll wait and see how we feel then to see if we go or not. But if I decide we go, I’ll make sure to keep him warm all the time, don’t worry!

My sweet sister dropped a gift for us on our doorstep yesterday while we were at the library. A bin of all kind of baby stuff (including the awesome Vicks ointment for babies) to help our little sick baby fell better. Thank you! I’ve got such a kind and thoughtful family! Coeur rouge

What Damien likes the most is the lid of the bin that contained the gifts… Kids!


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Calm mommy = calm baby

We woke up after a very good night of sleep! Damien slept from 6PM until 4AM! Then again until 7AM! His nose was cleared and he didn’t have a fever! He was still coughing though but his health really improved from all the symptoms he had in the last few days.

He even ate a big breakfast of baby cereal. Mommy ate this quick Corn Flakes bowl (hiding raspberries under there + spoon of peanut butter + drizzle of maple syrup).


We played a bit, he seemed fine, but then around 9AM he started crying. I went to play with him, he still cried. I picked him up, tried to breastfeed him, he refused and cried even more. I paced around the room with him for a few minutes but I could tell that didn’t work either. He was moving a lot in my arms, I could tell he was in pain. I tried putting him in a bath, bath always works. But it didn’t work this time, he still cried.

My baby rarely cries like that. I was very scared. What was even more scary was that his crying made him cough and his coughing made his choked on mucus. After choking he cried because it hurt.. and so on. I was like, he’s been sick for almost a week now, this is it we’re going to the clinic! I was trying to talk calmly to him but I was so scared I was shacking! I quickly put a bag together and we were out of the door.

On the way to the clinic, he calmed down and felt asleep in his car seat.  That’s when I realized maybe it was just because he was ready for a nap, but having been sick for a week took a toll, and his way of telling me ‘nap time now mommy’ was different than usual. We went to the clinic anyway because I was afraid something was wrong with his ears or his breathing.

Once at the clinic, we realized that at 9:30, all spots for patients with no-appointments had been filled already. I almost choked up right there. There’s nothing worst than not being able to give proper care to your baby. We went back home and he went straight back to sleep.


A friend of mine that is a nurse saw my plead on facebook and gave me things to check on the baby to make sure he didn’t have problems breathing. She reassured me and it helped me calm down and breathe a little better.

– Check for Indrawing of chest : depending on the severity of the breathing problem, I’d be able to see little holes between the ribs and under the sternum when the baby is not crying. If the problem is even more severe, I’d be able to see movement in the nostrils with each breath. I remember seeing it between his last two ribs on both sides last night, but that morning he didn’t have any. Good.

– A lot of coughing in an infant will caused vomiting / choking. She says this is normal and as long as the infant can cough it out, not to worry. Ok good to know it might happened.

– When mom panics, the baby can feel it and he’s even more scared. Try to stay calm and reassure him.  Breathe, breathe.

– Even if he doesn’t have a fever, but you feel like he’s not himself and cries more than usual, you can give him Tylenol/Tempra for babies. It’ll help with his discomfort. I stopped giving him when his temp was normal but it’s true that his throat might hurt and he might need help with that.

She really reassured me and I felt so much before. I think mommy was as scared as baby. He woke up an hour later and he was in a good mood. Around noon, he started crying again and doing the same thing. This time, I laid in my bed with him and was able to breastfeed. He calmed down and smiled after eating. A calm mommy is the key.

We went to the library in the afternoon to take a break from all the scary sickness and he loved it. A change of scenery is something we both needed! We came back home and had a nice play time before dinner. He ate all his carrots and some applesauce, then we took a fun bath, played in font of the mirror and went to bed without any fuss.


Having a sick baby is the worst thing for a mommy. I feel for all the parents with children in hospitals right now. I’m very thankful for my healthy baby! What a day!

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