The Sweetest Year

My son makes every day sweeter! (poop explosions excluded)

Beige and blue

on February 24, 2012

Breakfast this morning was a milk+peaches smoothie topped with a Shredded Wheat biscuit. It was fun to sink the big chucks of biscuit in the smoothie.Sourire


I also cooked and pureed some peaches for the baby, but he only ate half a spoon. I’ll freeze the rest I guess!

Baby ventured near the windows for the first time this morning. Little hands went straight for the stores, trying to grab them and the dangerous cords. My stores need to be open at all time from now on!  Safety comes first! IMG_6504

Baby gave me a huge 2 hour nap this morning and I had time to tackle many projects!

I hung the three (tree!) canvases I’ve been painting for the last few days. I think it looks pretty good! I’m not much of a crafty/artistic person, but I’m very proud of my little painting attempt! I changed the photo in the frame on the right from a pink flower to a memorabilia from a NYC trip. I like that it has the same blue as the painting!


AND I reupholstered the lamp! I have gorgeous fabric a friend of mine brought back from a trip to Egypt and I thought the colors matched perfectly. So I cut a strip and covered the lamp shade, going crazy with my glue gun. Clignement d'œil

The rocks in the small bowl are from a beach in Toronto! The duvet cover is from Walmart.  I’d still like to spray paint the lamp, but that’s for another nap time!

I really like the change. I think it looks pretty cool, what do you think?


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