The Sweetest Year

My son makes every day sweeter! (poop explosions excluded)

The couponing rush

on February 20, 2012

Pharmaprix (Shopper’s Drug Mart in Quebec) had a great promotion this weekend. Buy for 75$ and get a 20$ Petro Canada gift card! I looked at their flyer and they had a great deal on diapers and on toilet paper so I knew I could bring my total to 75$ and get the gift card. Here’s what I bought:


2 X Royale toilet paper @4.99$ (Reg. 8.99$) – 1$ coupon  = 7.98$
1 X Pamper jumbo pack diapers @9.99$ (Reg. 14.99$) – 1$ coupon  = 8.99$ /14.99$
2 X Pamper jumbo pack diapers @9.99$ (Reg. 14.99$) – 2$ coupon  = 15.98$ /29.98$
1 X Pamper jumbo pack diapers @9.99$ (Reg. 14.99$) – 3$ coupon  = 6.99$ /14.99$
4 X Sidekicks @1.25$ (Reg. 1.49$) – B3G1F 1.49$ coupon  = 3.51$ /5.96$
2 X Eggs @2.29 (Reg. 3.09$) – WUB2 1$ coupon  = 3.58$ /6.18$
2 X Cavendish fries @2.50$ (Reg. 2.99$) – 1$ coupon  = 4$ /5.98$
2 X Running spikes @9.99$ (Reg. 19.99$) (Not pictured)= 19.98$ /39.98$

Total value of products = 136.04$
Total paid (70.01$ + tx) = 76.27$
Optimum points = 830
Plus, a free 20$ gas gift card!

I had such a rush at checkout. The cashier was so nice, they even open another checkout so that I would not keep people waiting. I just love shopping at Pharmaprix! They have such great deals!

I use cloth diapers, but disposables are easier when we’re on the go and are also better for nighttime. I get leaks at night if I don’t change him every 4-5 hours. Those Pampers Extra Protection diapers will get handy will certainly help. A pack has 30 and I got two, so that’s two months with no night leaks! Yeah for that.

One of the pair of spikes is for my sister. She lost hers and I didn’t have any so that’s why I bought two. Winter is pretty much over by now, but they’ll be great come next winter. Running on ice/snow is asking for trouble, we feel much safier with these on. If you’re a runner, you should give them a try!

To celebrate, I buy myself a 0,33$ can of Coke at Dollorama on my way out. Clignement d'œil

If you want to get starting on coupons, go visit Mrs January. She’s the queen of couponing in Canada!

Did you score great deals this week? Do you use coupons? Team cloth diapers or disposables?


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