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How I dress my baby on cold runs

on November 5, 2011

A post about a brownie recipe needs to be followed by a post about a run. Especially when you have no self control like me and end up eating about 3/4 of the pan.

That’s 3000 calories you guys. I added it up this morning. To burn that much calories running, I’d need to run a MARATHON.

Still full from my evening of brownie fiesta, I got myself and the baby properly dressed to go on a cold morning jog. It was in the 20s outside. Many minutes later, we were out of the door.


It was a beautiful morning, but it was COLD. It took me a good 10 minute of jogging before feeling confortable.

Baby was happily sleeping in his car seat.


His hat kept covering his eyes, poor baby. But he ended up liking it, it helped him sleep, so I left it like that.

This is me trying to take pictures with my frozen camera. The lens is foggy from the low temperature.




A good 40 minutes later (and about 350 calories, only a tenth of the brownies.. *sight*), I headed home and began to undress the baby. I thought, hey! I should take pictures to show all the layers he had on.


Winter hat, a bigger blanket, a smaller one in cotton (in case I need to clean the baby’s mouth in a hurry) and his soft snowsuit.

There he is with no blankets on to show the snowsuit.


Oh, he wake up while I took the suit off. You can tell he just opened his eyes, he looks sleepy!

Mittens, cardigan, sweatpants, winter boots. The zipper of the cardigan opened, lol. I guess his little tummy is getting bigger! Oh and yes I know nothing match, but it’s all about fighting the Canadian temps!


Cotton pyjamas with baby gap thick wool socks.


He’s always trying to take his socks off. Clignement d'œil

At that point, I could feel that humidity had formed on the socks making his feet a tiny bit cold. His hands were warm, his face too. So I guess I put a little too much on his feet, they got hot and sweated. I think it might be because the socks were thigh on his feet? I’ll try to find looser socks for our next outing. I’ll also check if they make his boots too small because that could also cause the problem.

Other than that, baby had a great ride outside and mommy could enjoyed her morning jog. I’ll keep the outing less than 45 minutes in the winter. I wouldn’t want him to get cold 5 km away from the house.

Do you have any special gadget to keep the baby warm outside? Any tricks? Thanks!

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