The Sweetest Year

My son makes every day sweeter! (poop explosions excluded)

“Baby and me” at the movies

on October 29, 2011

We went to the movies!

I used to be quite the movie goer pre-baby but since birth, I’ve only gone to see Harry Potter in July. Because, duh, after watching all the movies and reading all the books, this was something not to be missed. I watched it in 3D at the theater one afternoon, while baby stayed with dad with a bottle of breast milk. Quite the outing since baby was only 3-4 weeks old then! It was my first time spending that much time away from the baby.

I spent half the movie wondering if the baby was ok.

What about now, maybe he cries! Maybe he refuses the bottle and he’s hungry! Mind you, I left the house only for 3 hours (in which the movie took 2.5hrs + parking – so I pretty ran out of the house to the theater and back). But, the heart of a mother, it always worries for its little ones. (The baby was totally fine by the way).

So, we went to the movies!

To the baby and me showings on Wednesday afternoons. Fun surprise: we get the matinee price so my ticket was only $6.50. I received a gift card for twenty bucks a few weeks back as a congrats-new-mom-have-some-me-time gift, so our little outing ended up being free!

I started getting ready 2 hours before it was time to leave, but I still ended up running out the door at the last minute. How that happens everytime? Mystery.

At the theater, I took the car seat with me so that baby would have a comfy place to sit and sleep while I would munch away on my kid sized popcorn. (Tip! When at the theater, buy the kid’s combo! You’ll get a small soda, popcorn and candy for a fraction of the bigger sized price. It’s just the perfect size to satisfy the munching cravings while not sabotaging your diet.) We got comfy in our chairs while other mommies made their entrance with their little ones. Such had their breastfeeding pillow with them. I made a mental note to take mine next time.

When the movie started I noticed that the volume was lower and that they let some lights dimmed, perfect to take care of baby if needed. I didn’t feel like the sound was too loud for my baby.

It felt so great to be outside the house but still completely at ease with baby. Baby cries a little? No problem, we all understand. Baby is hungry? Breastfeed right here, we’ve all been there.

But the most fun was to watch D reactions to the huge screen in front of him. At first, I spied other mothers to see if they faced their babies to the screen or faced them backwards. Some looked at the screen, some at their mothers. So I felt a-okay to show D the movie for a bit. His eyes were so big, he was mesmerized by all the lights! and the music! He loved every minute of it!


We went to see the Footloose remake. It was either that of some Mr.Bean comedy movie and I’ve never really thought he was funny so Footloose it was. I liked it! It was fun and light and just what I needed!

Back at home, we put on some more Footloose music and ended the afternoon dancing in the living room. You should try dancing to Footloose and NOT have a smile on your face. Impossible.

We’ll go back for sure! Let’s see what is the “baby and me” movie next week… Oh Justin Timberlake new movie! Wee!!


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