The Sweetest Year

My son makes every day sweeter! (poop explosions excluded)

Happy Halloween!


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Mystery box unveiling

I’ve opened it!

The box that has been sitting in a corner of my bedroom since the day I moved in July! And before that, it had been stored in my parents basement since the day I moved back to my hometown from Montreal. In 2008.

That’s almost 4 years ago guys. Now that is what we call professional procrastination.

In my defense, it was hidden under other crap knit knacks in the parents cedar closet so I couldn’t see it and unpack it. In the back of my mind, I knew I had a box with food somewhere, but couldn’t find it so I thought maybe I’ve already unpacked it. Like in my sleep or something.

But then it reappeared. My mother cleaned the basement closet and called me one day saying she found one more box with my name on it. Along side with the big word “FOOD” in black marker. Gulp.

It got in my apartment, but with each day passing I thought, it has been left unopened for 4 years, what is one more day.

This morning I woke up and had the sudden urge to open this box right this minute. You can blame the 4 hours of sleep, or the enormous coffee (don’t worry internet, I started drinking after breastfeeding the baby this morning and it will be my only cup today). This woman was on a mission to get it over with.


Ready to be opened. Will something jump out of it? Something is ALIVE in there?! It was scary looking my friends.


Hey, look at that. A opened box of flour! I pack really well.

Oh, that flour is all over my kitchen now. SWEET.

On the bright side, nothing jumped out of the box. That’s a relief.


There they are! My soup bowls! I’ve been eating out of small little bowls for the past few months. A Christmas mug! Coffee cups! That’s why I only had like 2 cups, they were all hidden here.

Also in box:

Too much Jell-O.

Opened bags of:
– Pasta
– Icing sugar
– Muffin mix
– Coconut-y Marshmallows (Do they make those anymore? This might be like an artifact! I could sell it on eBay, makes tons of money!)
– Popcorn

Box of food coloring. Do you think I could salvage that? The company says it has a life of 48 months. It could still be good, but let’s not risk getting sick for $3.99, do we.

A packet of Gelatine. There’s no date or batch number on it. Odd. Maybe it can live FOREVER.

Bottle of vitamin C. Probably out of vitamins by now. The vitamins are out to college they’re so old.

I hate throwing food away, but I think it’s safe to say none of this can be close to anyone’s mouth.

Well, maybe I could get some use out of this Jell-O.

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4 months old

Being 4 months old is pretty cool.

We can hold our hands together and suck on our fingers.


We can make tons of bubbles with our mouth. It’s so fun!


We can fall asleep pretty much everywhere.



We can help mommy cook breakfast in the mornings.


And we can hold our heads up.


But best of all, we laugh at all mommy’s jokes and get to be our fabulous self.


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“Baby and me” at the movies

We went to the movies!

I used to be quite the movie goer pre-baby but since birth, I’ve only gone to see Harry Potter in July. Because, duh, after watching all the movies and reading all the books, this was something not to be missed. I watched it in 3D at the theater one afternoon, while baby stayed with dad with a bottle of breast milk. Quite the outing since baby was only 3-4 weeks old then! It was my first time spending that much time away from the baby.

I spent half the movie wondering if the baby was ok.

What about now, maybe he cries! Maybe he refuses the bottle and he’s hungry! Mind you, I left the house only for 3 hours (in which the movie took 2.5hrs + parking – so I pretty ran out of the house to the theater and back). But, the heart of a mother, it always worries for its little ones. (The baby was totally fine by the way).

So, we went to the movies!

To the baby and me showings on Wednesday afternoons. Fun surprise: we get the matinee price so my ticket was only $6.50. I received a gift card for twenty bucks a few weeks back as a congrats-new-mom-have-some-me-time gift, so our little outing ended up being free!

I started getting ready 2 hours before it was time to leave, but I still ended up running out the door at the last minute. How that happens everytime? Mystery.

At the theater, I took the car seat with me so that baby would have a comfy place to sit and sleep while I would munch away on my kid sized popcorn. (Tip! When at the theater, buy the kid’s combo! You’ll get a small soda, popcorn and candy for a fraction of the bigger sized price. It’s just the perfect size to satisfy the munching cravings while not sabotaging your diet.) We got comfy in our chairs while other mommies made their entrance with their little ones. Such had their breastfeeding pillow with them. I made a mental note to take mine next time.

When the movie started I noticed that the volume was lower and that they let some lights dimmed, perfect to take care of baby if needed. I didn’t feel like the sound was too loud for my baby.

It felt so great to be outside the house but still completely at ease with baby. Baby cries a little? No problem, we all understand. Baby is hungry? Breastfeed right here, we’ve all been there.

But the most fun was to watch D reactions to the huge screen in front of him. At first, I spied other mothers to see if they faced their babies to the screen or faced them backwards. Some looked at the screen, some at their mothers. So I felt a-okay to show D the movie for a bit. His eyes were so big, he was mesmerized by all the lights! and the music! He loved every minute of it!


We went to see the Footloose remake. It was either that of some Mr.Bean comedy movie and I’ve never really thought he was funny so Footloose it was. I liked it! It was fun and light and just what I needed!

Back at home, we put on some more Footloose music and ended the afternoon dancing in the living room. You should try dancing to Footloose and NOT have a smile on your face. Impossible.

We’ll go back for sure! Let’s see what is the “baby and me” movie next week… Oh Justin Timberlake new movie! Wee!!

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Sleep Sense Program–Day 1

I was excited to start, determine to get my full night of sleep back. My baby, now 4 months old, had been waking up every 2-3 hours since birth and mommy was exhausted.

Baby woke up at 09:00AM ready to start his day. I could hear him in the monitor “talking” in his crib and being he’s happy self. Sourire This is what I did:

09:00AM Wake up, feed (~15mins), diaper.

Then it was time to play while mommy ate and showered. Remember that I don’t wake up before him because he keeps me awake all night with his constant feedings so I try to sleep as long as the baby he’s sleeping!

It was then time for the first nap of the day. Here comes trouble…

I decided that my little naptime routine would be:
Go to his room
Change diaper
Put him in his crib
Sing a song (~ 2 mins).
Tell him to go to sleep.

Let’s see how that worked out.

10:30AM Naptime routine.
10:45AM He started crying when he realized I would not pick him up.
10:55AM Not used to all that crying, mommy breaks and feed him. Maybe he’s hungry? It’s been 2 hours since the last feeding and he’s used to eating every 2 hours.
11:00AM He ate for 5 mins but almost felt asleep on me. Realized he just wanted to eat to fall asleep… I put him back in his crib, and he starts crying again. I reassure him, mommy is here, go to sleep, etc.
11:15AM Miracle of all miracle, he sleeps!

So that’s about 30 minutes of crying before falling asleep for nap #1. Mommy had never heard baby cried that much and she’s a bit shaken up by it. But I keep reminding myself why I do this, my baby needs to learn how to fall asleep. HE needs to be able to sleep more than 2 hours at the time.

Time passes, I check on him, still asleep. Imagine my disbelief when I finally hear him wake up at… 1:30PM! That’s a 2 hour nap! Amazing!

We play, go to a quick errand, but are back at home for nap #2.

03:30PM Naptime routine
03:35PM Starts to cry.
04:30PM It’s bit an hour now, he’s still crying and haven’t slept a bit. I had enough, he had enough. I picked him up, feed him and we go to the living room to play a bit.
05:10PM Put him in his crib again. He hadn’t slept for 4 hours now. Way too long for a 4 month baby. I dread nighttime…
05:35PM Still no sleep. Emergency walk around the block in the stroller. He sleeps within 5 mins.
06:00PM Takes him off the car seat to lay him in his crib… Cries! He’s up! It’s way to close to bedtime to try again, so I pick him up and decide to start bedtime routine a bit early.

Woo… Ok, nap #2 wasn’t a success AT ALL. Maybe he slept too long during his first nap? Maybe he starts to realize that things were changing and he was fighting it?

Either way, mommy and baby were very tired and exhausted from all the crying and no sleep. I felt so helpless seeing my baby cry like that. It was awful. I was a bit discouraged, but I tried my best to keep a face and started the bedtime routine.

My bedtime routine
06:20PM Bath
06:30PM Pyjamas, Feed.
06:40PM In his crib, sing a song.
06:45PM Night-night.

So I do that, but the baby is so tired from not sleeping all afternoon and he starts crying in the bath. Poor thing. I cut the bath time shorts and quickly put the pj and started to feed him. He eats for a good 10 minutes and I put him in his crib.

06:40PM Night-night… He starts crying.

At this point, I go out of the room and I starts crying with him. I feel so bad for him. I want to help him, I want this to be easier for him. I know it would be easy to pick him up and let him get to sleep while nursing and I don’t want to do it. All that crying would had been for nothing. So I cry and I hope for the best.

But then, this happens.

He sleeps! He felt asleep by himself! I’m so RELIEVED, I think I starts crying again.

I now wonder what the night would be like.

09:30PM Wake / Cry. Diaper, feed and put him in his crib awake. He goes to sleep… immediately!
12:00AM Wake, diaper, feed. Sleep with no crying!
03:00AM Wake, diaper, feed. Again, no crying!
05:30AM Wake, diaper, feed. No crying!
09:00AM Wake up for Day 2 of the program…

So he still woke up every 2-3 hours throughout the night, but we’re only on day 1 so I don’t give up. Would I have more success with naps on Day 2? What about night feedings?

To be continued…

You can read part one “The night before”.

*Disclaimer: I’m not paid to say any of this. I just did the program and want to share my experience with other parents!

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Sleep Sense Program – The Night Before

My 4 month old baby has been eating every 2-3 hours since he was born. I would hear mothers from my prenatal classes telling how their babies the same age were sleeping for 5, 6, 7, even 8 hours a night and I would shake my head in disbelief. What do they do that I don’t? Or is there something I do that I shouldn’t?

I was confused, but mostly tired. Let me rewrite that, I was TIRED. Waking up every 2 hours is draining. Waking up every 2 hours for 4 months, exhausting. I knew something had to change since my baby was perfectly healthy, even on the chubby side. I also notice that the night time feedings didn’t last over 5 minutes, he was basically just eating to sooth himself to sleep.

Some people told me to spaced out the feedings during the day. So I started doing that. Feeding him every 3 hours. I thought I’d gradually go to every 4 hours. But I sensed that wasn’t the problem. He was still waking up every 2-3 hours at night.

Then a friend told me about the Sleep Sense program. She did it with her 6 month old and he slept through the night on the third day! A full night of sleep… let’s give it a try!

I read the ebook and thought it made perfect… sense. Basically, it’s based on the fact that babies have to learn how to fall asleep by themselves. No nursing to sleep (what I was doing), no rocking to sleep, no singing to sleep, etc. You get the idea.

Since D was born, he ALWAYS felt asleep while nursing. They might have been a few exceptions of daddy rocking him to sleep, but I’d say he felt asleep nursing 98% of the time. No wonder he cried for me at night when he wake up. He didn’t know any other way to fall asleep!

I jotted down the events and time of the night before starting to program. That way, I’d be able to compare with nights after putting into action the Sleep Sense program.

08:00PM Fall asleep while nursing. Sleep in his crib.
10:30PM Cry. Diaper, feed (~6 mins), sleep.
01:00AM Cry. Diaper, feed (~6 mins), sleep.
03:00AM Cry. Diaper, feed (~7 mins), sleep.
06:30AM Cry. Diaper, feed (~6 mins), sleep.
09:00AM Wake up for the day talking in his crib (the best!), feed (~15mins), diaper.

He woke up every 2 to 3 hours throughout the night. The feedings are pretty consistent too, he felt pretty much asleep on me after 5 mins.

The new day arises and I was ready to start implementing the program. I was anxious but so ready to try something to get my nights back.

And so the first day begins… (To be continued)


*Disclaimer: I’m not paid to say any of this. I just did the program and want to share my experience with other parents!

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Breakfast by the lake

I woke up with the desire to go OUTSIDE yesterday morning. After 2 days of following the Sleep Sense program and much more crying than usual, we were both in need of a change of scenery.

After nursing the baby, I packed a breakfast of yogurt and oatmeal for me, we put our winter coats on (28F outside!) and hopped in the car.

With the sun shining – so nice after 2 days of rain and cloudy skies, I drove to the lake we have here in town. It’s actually the city fresh water reserve, but we all call it a lake, it’s huge!

Waiting for us was hundred of gooses getting ready for their winter migration.

They gather at this spot every year, it’s quite the show.

I ate my breakfast while baby looked at all that LIGHT around him. What a cutepie in his vintage winter coat. Props to mommy for matching the hat with the blanket. Clignement d'œil

What a glorious way to start our day.

When I was pregnant, I imagined what my days with my baby will be like. A big vacation I thought. Well, reality is sometimes a little tougher, but today, it really felt like a vacation. Perfect morning.

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